Electronic Reporting

​What is electronic reporting?

In 2008 a new California law took effect that requires all regulated facilities and all Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) to use computers to enter Unified Program data into a Statewide information system beginning January 1, 2013. This includes facility data regarding hazardous material regulatory activities including Hazardous Material Plans (HMPs) and underground storage tank information.

CUPA HMP forms must now be entered electronically​ through CERS (California Environmental Reporting System) Portal.  The Sacramento CUPA Electronic Data Portal is available in a read only format.  No submittals will be accepted  the Sacramento CUPA Electronic Data Portal effective 12/15/2015.   

EMD staff regularly hold workshops to instruct and assist with the on-line entry of the required CUPA business plan information. In addition, we have kiosks set up in our lobby for businesses to use to file their electronic data. 

CUPA  Hazardous Material Plans Workshop Training Dates & Information

If you have questions regarding submissions into either portal, please call the e-reporting help line at 916-875-2377.

For more information:

Sacramento County Environmental Management Department
Environmental Compliance Division
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