FAQs - Plan Review Food Facilities & Public Pools & Spas

Q01: When do I need to submit plans?

A01:  You need to submit plans for new food and pool construction and for any remodeled facilities or if there are proposed changes in the type of operation. Plans must be submitted before any construction or remodeling begins.

Please contact the Environmental Health Plan Review program directly at 916-874-6010 for more information.

Q02: How much is the plan check fee?

A02:  The fee varies with the type of facility. Please see our current Environmental Health fee schedule.

Q03: Is the first year's permit fee included with the plan check fee?

A03:  No. Payment for the first annual permit fee will be billed after your establishment is permitted with a health permit.

Q04: What is the status of my plan review?

A04:  Please call the Plan Review office at 916-874-6010 to get current information. You will receive a call from our office when plans are ready to be picked up.

Q05: What are the requirements to remodel a restaurant?

A05:  Requirements vary based on the scope of the remodel. If you have an existing facility it is recommended that you speak to the Environmental Health Specialist assigned to your area. The specialist can assist you with the process. Call 916-875-8440 to contact the Environmental Health specialist assigned to you.

Q06: What do inspectors want to see during the final inspection and when do I call for an inspection?

A:06  All equipment must be in place and functioning, including the hot water heater. The facility must be clean and a hood balance test, if a hood is present, must have been completed. Contact your Environmental Health District Specialist at 916-875-8440 at least two days in advance to schedule the final inspection.

Q07: Where can I find someone who will conduct a hood balance or performance test?

A07:  Check the telephone Yellow Pages under Heating and Ventilating (HVAC) Contractors.

Q08: Can I operate an oven without an exhaust hood?

A08:  Some ovens do not require exhaust hoods. Contact our Plan Review staff at 916-874-6010 and speak directly to one of our plan review staff - please provide the make and model of the proposed equipment, if available, and we can check our files for approval notices.

Q09: ​How should the floor sink be installed?

A09:  The floor sink must be accessible for cleaning, but you should speak to your local plumbing inspector for height requirements above the finished floor to ensure it is installed in accordance with the Uniform Plumbing Code. Check with the Uniform Plumbing Code and your local building department for specific rules and regulations.