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Safe Practices using your Rainwater Collection Systems

We recommend the following safety guidelines when installing and using your rainwater collection system click here for more details.

Food Facilities and Service Animals

The California Retail Food Code (CalCode) does not allow live animals in a food facility. There are exceptions for dogs that are service animals. View the Service Animal Handout  for details about when service animals are allowed in food facilities.

Food Safety Awards of Excellence Announced for 2017

Check to see if your favorite restaurant or food facility is on the list. Lists available by business name or by zip code/address Visit the Food Safety Awards of Excellence page for complete details.

New Cottage Food Law Takes Effect January 1, 2013!

This law allows certain non-potentially hazardous foods to be made in a private home and sold directly to consumers or restaurants and markets. See the Cottage Food Program page for details and registration forms.

Home Kitchen Survey Now Available!

In time for the five-year anniversary of the Green-Yellow-Red Placard program in Sacramento County, EMD now has the Home Kitchen Self-Inspection Survey available. Take a few minutes to answer the questions and find out if your food preparation at home gets a Green placard.

New food inspection website now available designed for mobile devices.

Visit with your smart phone or tablet and view the inspection results for the food facilities in your immediate area! Visit EMD's new mobile web & app page for more information.

Abandoned Well Identification Project Now in Progress!

EMD is asking for your help in identifying abandoned wells in Sacramento County. Visit the Abandoned Wells Program page for more information.

View USDA Well Destruction Video  Updated 01/25/2012

Food Alert Information

View latest recalls and retail food alerts

Food Safety Awards of Excellence Winners

Review recipients from most recent awards.