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Cross Connection Control (Backflow Prevention)

Cross Connection Approved Backflow Prevention Assembly Lists

The approved list of backflow prevention assemblies is available from the University of Southern California’s Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research website located at http://fccchr.usc.edu/list.html.

Please contact our office should you have any questions.

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Small Public Water Systems

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Commercial/Industrial Stormwater Compliance

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EMD Well Program Contact List  Updated 11/07/2019

Well Ordinance (Sacramento County Code Chapter 6.28)
Final, Adopted April 13, 2010

Well Ordinance Enforcement Policy  Updated 09/21/2012

Damaged or Missing Wells  Updated 09/21/2012

Guidelines for Repair and Destruction of Hand-Dug Wells  Updated 09/21/2012

Well Application and Permit Forms Updated 01/17/2020

  • Water Supply Well/Well Repair/Pump Repair & Replacement

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  • Destruction Water Supply & Monitoring Wells
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    • Attachment for Multiple Well Destructions  (If there is more than 1 well to be destroyed, use this form for additional wells) 

  • Monitoring Wells & Soil Borings
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  • Well Inactivation
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  • Cathodic Protection & Geothermal Wells
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