National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week October 24-30, 2021

Did you know that 51.8% of the homes in Sacramento County were built before 1980? Houses built before 1978 are likely to have lead in the paint. Not to mention that lead can be found in numerous other items around the home including dirt, dust, traditional home/folk remedies, imported cosmetics like surma, imported herbs and spices like turmeric and chili powder, imported or antique ceramic dishes or pottery, imported green tea, some toys and costume jewelry, older plumbing and occupational sources such as being a construction worker, mechanic or electrician, or spending time at a shooting range. Lead is dangerous to young children, as even low levels can cause behavioral problems and learning disabilities. The good news is that lead poisoning is 100% preventable. Learn how at: and Sacramento​ County DHS Lead Poisoning Prevention. If you think your child has been exposed to lead, ask your child's doctor for a lead test at their next visit. If you would like to receive a free informational packet on how to protect your child from lead, call Sacramento County's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at (916) 875-7151.

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